Hand Full of Sand

How I meet Jean-Michel Basquait. Fred had told me about a hot young artist from New York. He was staying at Larry Gogosian Venice loft on Windward ave. Greast living space upstairs, very chic, and a big open studio downstairs for visiting artists.

I was very impressed by the work Fred had showed me Fred set up a meeting with jean-Michel, Larry, Fred and myself at Larry’s place. I put together some ideas based on the work I had seen. Hand made silkscreens  based on very early works produced at Warhol’s factory before anyone knew how to print. One off pieces pulled by Jean-Michel and let him respond to what he sees. Jean-Michel had a much different idea and the meeting was a disaster. He was working with Xerox’s and wanted something like that, I told him I wasn’t interested and he should find someone else.

We almost got into a fight, things were getting heated. Fred and Larry looked on in horror. Jean- Michel and I became close friends but it took time.

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