About Me

I knew I was an artist at seven years old, I had my first gallery show at 17. Graduated Long Beach State University with a masters in print making, had my first business a year later, workshop, i.e., and membership print studio on Main Street in Santa Monica, with my partners Jack Duganne. Three years later, started my own print shop, print press. Printed for artists for 15 years. Took on another partner, Fred Hoffman, and started an art, publishing studio, New City Additions.

I worked with Frank Gary for five years. I worked with Frank on the original color code, fish lamp project. I developed an interest in cardboard furniture working with Frank on experimental edges. I designated, engineered and built the 24 foot glass fish on permanent display at the Walker Art museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I worked with John Michel Basiquait on several silk screen projects, including Back of the Neck and The Leonardo Series. John Michel, bonded over music and my edibles, I make the strongest brownies. We became friends.

I worked with Chris burden on “All the Submarines of the United States”, now at the Dallas Art Museum. This partnership fell apart, and I started my own cardboard furniture business.

I had five major furniture shows with the Gallery of Functional Art. I designed and made furniture under The New City Edition name for 15 years. Many articles about my work metropolis, Wall Street, journal, New York Times, and many others. Sold chairs from Korea to Paris. Later switched to mostly wood and resin furniture.  

I retired and moved to San Pedro where I continued my interest in recycled materials. My first project was a series of decorative boxes using rejected boxes, and house paint, over 600 made in three years. Then a series of masks about two years. Then lamps using all I had learned making all those lamps with Frank Gehry. Developed a translucent papil mache for my lamps. Moved from lamps to ancric paintings exploring pattern, and color reactions. 13 years in San Pedro, and now a series of lamps weaving and painting my translucent paper mache.