My first black experience her first white (X Rated)

I grew up in the middle class white suburbs and her in Watts. We stand in the middle of my Venice studio kissing, her lips are full and soft, her hair kinky and only an inch long. It’s a new feeling in my hand. I like it. It is soft and I like putting my hand on the back of her head as I taste her mouth. She bites my lip softly and I squeeze her squishy soft tit. I put my in hers and bring it to my mouth to lick her long thin finger with perfect red nails.

We both enjoy the look of my white hand entwined with dark roast coffee complexion. She is sweet and lets me take control, I take her to bed. Up the steep stairs to my sleeping loft. Me behind joking I can see her undies.  I pull back the covers for her and tell her to let me see those huge tits, she smiles and pulls off her top. I tell her I love how big they are and with both hands squeeze them together.

She starts to unbutton my jeans while I feast my eyes and mouth on her tits. Her tits are huge and hang down to her mid stomach; they lay flat against her having lost the support of her top.. her 3 inch areola invite me. I suck them in and smash her massive soft titty flesh around my eager face. Her hands run through my hair as she enjoys the attention.

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